згадуючи барда

Radio station “Zhitomir wave” by Natalia Kulinich – recalling the bard, journalist and patriot Vasyl Chudyk


Press Center – By-election to the Lviv regional council

By-election to the Lviv regional council brought new people into active legislative activity in favor of Lviv. What will be the work of new members of the regional council – in “City for…


Press Center – Ukrainian singer Kvitka Cisyk

April 4, 1953 was born or not known to the whole world Ukrainian singer Kvitka Cisyk. So, the other day – she would have turned 60. About the artist, his work and contribution…


Press Center – Ukrainian government solves problems with gas supply.

Ukrainian government solves problems with gas supply. In television we hear different, until critical, statements concerning certain “gas issues.” About one of them – in the “Ukrainian business”


Press Center – The “Ukrainian business” from 12 February 2013.

Against the background of the lock of the Supreme Council of opposition deputies, the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine denied seats majoritarian MPs Pavlo Baloha and Oleksandr Dombrowski. Events taking place on the…


Press Center – In Lviv visited Kostyantyn Rittel-Kobyliansky

In Lviv visited Kostyantyn Rittel-Kobyliansky, a leading soloist Dusseldorf Opera, winner of international competitions, will perform Feb. 3, 2013 batch Escamillo in Georges Bizet’s opera “Carmen.” The voice of this incredible musician sounded…


Press Center – Recently in Ukraine marked the 94th anniversary of the reunification of the Ukrainian lands – Unification Day

This week in Ukraine marked the 94th anniversary of the reunification of Ukrainian lands – Unification Day. This year, even historians, who always had so-called primary sources, – states, and I quote: “Ukrainian…


Press Center – About Ukrainian traditions

About Ukrainian traditions and their expression in contemporary spoken in “Ukrainian business.”  


Press Center – On the situation around “Vernissage”

About the situation that occurred around Lviv vernissage three were public servants recently in “City for People” program. According to the draft decision of the Lviv city council, craft goods market “Vernissage” can…


Press Center – Election 2012 passed

Thus, elections October 28 – gone. CEC on November 12 has already finite announce voting results. In this program we have tried previously to predict the change in style of the new parliament…

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