Day of Motorist and road builders

It so happened that without cars now impossible to imagine our life. Road transport is the most important life-support system of any city, regardless of the number of people in it. All we daily use transport, despite the economic, social or weather factors. October 28, 2012 on the occasion of motorists and road builders in the studio radio Independence Lviv students welcomed all drivers with their professional holiday. After all, ended the competition of art works as part of Operation Attention kids on the road, organized by the Inspectorate of Lviv and the City Department of Education. Overall, the jury noted the work of five students. This student of grade 2 Arthur Prokop, third graders Lubomir Ostapyshyn and Irinka Budzan, a disciple of the 7th grade and high school Rozpendovskyy Nazar and Kashuba Victoria. The problem of child road traffic injuries is extremely important, especially at the beginning of the school year. After each day students are sent to your school and back. Not always, parents can monitor this process. Statistically, it was in late August – early September increased level of accidents involving children. Inspectors of police of the city of Lviv neodnorozovo conducted in early September lessons on the rules of safe behavior on the road, continuing to duty at the school for the safe movement of children to education. In order to prepare street and road network for the new school year, the Inspectorate boucle survey areas adjacent to areas of children’s and educational institutions and which are routes of school buses. Also, police in Lviv appeals to adults, especially to parents: children safety depends on us. Take the time to once again remind kids the basic rules of safe behavior on the road, walk with them the route from home to school, paying particular attention to the road. And, of course, follow the rules themselves, because the best learning – is your example right povedinky.sohodni we certainly welcome all the transportation industry with their professional holiday. And this professional holiday – one more reason for us to express our gratitude for your pratsyu.Schyro welcome Happy Motorist all whose lives are connected to the road, as participants focus children on the road warns: Be careful on the road from home to school and vice versa, and I wish you new creative highs.

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