Press Center – On the situation around “Vernissage”

About the situation that occurred around Lviv vernissage three were public servants recently in “City for People” program. According to the draft decision of the Lviv city council, craft goods market “Vernissage” can move from the square. Vicheva 1, centrally located on street corner. Kryvonosa and Zamkova and near the High Castle. To accommodate the new market to combine the three areas on the street. Krivonosa and Zamkova. Draft decision – is already signed relevant officials, meanwhile, members of the LCC declare that trigger conducting extensive public hearings with the participation of entrepreneurs, craftsmen and artistic associations that sell goods on the market, on the future of the “Vernissage”. Actually, that happens around one of the largest art sites in the city center listen to the program  ”City for people”.


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