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Radio Nezalezhnist – one of the first nonstate radiostation in Ukraine. It started in 1991. All this time, programs on Radio N were being created for consolidation of Ukraine state, giving the listeners true information about our history and the best citizens. Nowadays we want to consolidate all political and social organizations, government bodies, bussinesmen in searching the right way out of the difficult situation our country is in.
  At the time being Radio Nezalezhnist is information and music radiostation. You may listen to us at 106,7FM (west part of Ukraine), Lviv broadcasting network and over the Internet. For a couple of years we cooperate with Radio Liberty  and Polish Radio.

.::Cafe Club Studio  “Harmony”::.

.::Memory page of Vasyl Chudyk::.

Address: kn.Romana str.,12 , Lviv, Ukraine

Tel: +38 (032) 298 70 00, +38 (032) 293 07 05, +38 (067) 792 88 47, +38 (067) 767 40 26

E-mail: solomiya@ukr.net


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