Advertising on radio waves “Nezalezhnist” -
key to your success!

    What is interesting advertisement on the radio?

    Radio advertising has a major advantage – a great distribution and a wide coverage of the target audience. Radio you can listen without being distracted by other things, this makes radio advertising attractive to advertisers. Radio hosted everywhere: you can listen at home, at work, in cars, as well as the business service sector – in the store, hairdressers and so on. Because the average person can listen to the radio more than 3 hours during the day, radio ads quickly zavoyuvuye most of the audience. The great advantage, which is advertising on the radio, this efficiency. With the huge amount of advertising, with advertising on the radio has the shortest period of production and advertising. If there is a need, the movie can give the air a few hours after the executed order.

    The more attractive advertising on the radio “Nezalezhnist”?

    We offer our advertising services – available, quickly and efficiently. Our preference from among others – is out in different ranges of speech: the ultrashort wave – 106,7 FM, clock (Lviv and region) and the World Broadcasting Network – UR-1 in Lviv from 14.00 to 15.00. Also, we believe on-line on the World Wide Web – the Internet. According to our sociological observations we listen to approximately 30% of the inhabitants of the region. Monitoring of telephone contacts with radio listeners during the hours of transmission mode in a live broadcast, in Lviv Broadcasting network and in parallel on 106,7 FM 20-30 calls fixing listeners of different ages. When ordering advertising on radio waves “Nezalezhnist” – a gift get advertising banners on our site for the entire period of our cooperation. Contact us, we will offer you a profitable project to place your advertisement.

We are located at:
Street Kn. Romana, 12, Lviv, Ukraine
Tel. / Fax: +38 (032) 293-07-05
Tel.: +38 (066) 569-99-14 or
Tel.: +38 (067) 792-88-47
E-mail: Solomiya@ukr.net

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