Cafe Club Studio “Harmony”



Cafe-club-studio “Harmony” – a public institution that unites around different personalities: politicians, businessmen, representatives of science and culture. It discusses the problems that trouble our society, there are meetings with interesting people, presentations, press conferences and more. During club studio equipment was provided for the possibility of direct broadcast on the radio “Nezalezhnist`”. Therefore, in the cafe-club studio “Harmony” held meetings on topical issues, press conferences, presentations of companies and products. Carrying out these activities possible and using the live in advance the agreed time, the waves 106,7 FM, in Lviv radio broadcasting network in the on-line and available in our video service. We are ready to cooperate. Cafe-club-studio “Harmony” – this area of taste and comfort. Here you can book your holiday meetings, banquets, celebrate a birthday or other celebration. And free from work or school while you can enjoy the cafe “Harmony” delicious food, relax with friends over a cup of coffee. Visit the cafe-club studio “Harmony” can be daily, except weekends, from 12.00 to 22.00 at Lviv, kn. Romana street, 12. Telephone number for bookings: 032 2358676, 067 767 40 26.



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