The “City for People”

Influence on the political and social life of local communities of the main documents adopted by the Verkhovna Rada – in a conversation with the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Mykhailo Tsymbalyuk.



In the program “City for people” – about the conference of NGO “Forum Lviv and the future”, assessment of schools and herbal medicine.



On the main aspects of life in Lviv, the case medical, in particular in the release of the program “City for people ”



Talk about local elections on 25th of October 2020, with Volodymyr Hirnyak, a member of the Lviv Regional Council from the “Public Position” faction. The conversation is led by Maria Lugova.


There are many events in Lviv. About the work of the Source Center, new opportunities for passports and landscaping of the city – in the program “City for People”.


About security measures in Lviv in connection with the introduced quarantine, the main issues that are decided by the deputies of the Lviv City Council – in the program “City for People”.



Despite the quarantine, life in the city continues. Today in the program “City for People” about continuation of repair works on the roads of Lviv in conversation with the director of the Department of Housing LMR O, Odintsy and how he is studying in Lviv schools – will be told by the head of the city department of education Z.Dovganyk and the director of the school “Leader” Z. Genchuri Curia.


About charity initiatives in the City for People program.



Maria Lugova will tell about the work of Lvivgas in the conditions of quarantine and how cultural projects find new opportunities in conversation with the literary critic Bogdan Tikholoz in the program “City for People”.


Deputy Mayor of Lviv A. Moskalenko talks about the stages of quarantine in Lviv – in the program “City for People”.



Oleksandr Hanushchyn, the chairman of the Lviv regional council, talks about the fight against the pandemic in the Lviv region, the provision and changes in the medical sphere, the payment of allowances to doctors, decentralization and local elections in the City for People program.



On the prospects of decentralization processes for Lviv OTG in the program “City for People”, a conversation with the deputy of the Lviv City Council Yuri Kuzhelyuk.


Investment policy in Lviv – how the issues of providing in the transport sphere are solved, the head of the investment department R. Staretskyi told about it in the program City for People



About the main events of Lviv – in the program “City for People”.



It seems that despite the weather factors, summer in Lviv will be hot. The coronavirus pandemic plays a role here – in the city in recent days there has been a surge in morbidity, in addition, we are gradually moving into the election process to local governments.


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