The “City for People”

    This program radio “Nezalezhnist”(Independence), which is broadcast every Monday from 14.00 to 15.00 at 106.7 FM and in Lviv Broadcasting network.
    The program highlights the life of the city. In a live program guests talk about urban planning and architecture, the operation of urban public utilities, special state programs for the preservation of historical and architectural monuments, the traditions of bourgeois specific holidays that we celebrate, and so on.
     Feature of the program is Feedback from radio listeners, who may within one hour during the broadcast program to ask questions by phone number 235-41-41.


Recent events in Lviv are forced to think about how to live in this city, in the financial section. It seems, so to speak, a theme garbage drain on a lot of money not only for the collection and disposal of solid waste, but also to reclaim Hrybovytskoho landfill, the construction of the plant, ordering certain associated with waste management issues. So what we have as a result of junk epic as money spent and whether we will ensure that the city translated in the context of decentralization them points – the program for the city people.


In the “City for people” studio guest of Radio “Nezalezhnist” was the deputy head of the Lviv regional council Volodymyr Hirnyak. So what turned out to be the year 2016 and for the region in terms of budget execution, which was the main things which work deputies of the Lviv regional council in 2017, listen to the next program.


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