The “Find yourself”

    This program radio “Nezalezhnist”, which airs every Tuesday from 14:00 to 15:00 on 106.7 FM. and broadcasting network in Lviv. The program highlights the socio-political life of the state. Live program guests talk about reforming different spheres of public life, important aspects of any decisions, and so on. The feature of the program is to Feedback from listeners, which may within hours of broadcast programs ask questions by phone number 235-41-41.


How changed city Lviv by 2016 despite various moments. How can avoid sharp political clashes, which could become our city through deepening decentralization – these and other issues we discussed with the mayor of  Lviv Andrew Sadovyj.



About how unity is the formation of a strong Ukrainian nation focused – in interviews. Interview with the Director of the Institute of National Academy of  Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Stepan Pavlyuk


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