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    This program radio “Nezalezhnist”, which airs every Tuesday from 14:00 to 15:00 on 106.7 FM. and broadcasting network in Lviv. The program highlights the socio-political life of the state. Live program guests talk about reforming different spheres of public life, important aspects of any decisions, and so on. The feature of the program is to Feedback from listeners, which may within hours of broadcast programs ask questions by phone number 235-41-41.

How are the results evaluated by society implementation of the communique of the Paris Summit the Norman format by the aggressor state and the victim of this aggression si Ukraine in the background permutations of the presidential team – in Find Yourself program



14-16th of February 2020 was one of the most influential, international, annual forums – the Munich Security Forum. The world’s leading expert nations provide an overview of security trends in the world for 2020, as well as the next 5-10 years. Wolfgang Ischinger, the chairman of the conference, presented the highlights of the keynote address at the 56th Security Forum in Munich on February 10 in Berlin, Ukrinform reports. Here is one of the quotes: “We have been able to find a good solution for the first participation of the newly elected President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, who is trying to end the 6-year conflict between Kiev and the Russian-backed separatists in the eastern region” – Wolfgang Ischinger. And this is one of the highlights that has been prepared for Munich-Ukraine under the latest issue in the top ten conflicts identified for the International Crisis Group’s observation. And here is another accent – on the position of European accents – that they are pondering: is Europe in favor of confrontation with Russia? From Russia to Munich will be Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Ukraine in Munich will be represented by V. Zelensky and Foreign Ministry V.Prystayko. What is expected in Munich from the Ukrainian authorities, the topic is discussed by M. Lugova.


Political rhetoric has become, so to speak, a “monetone.” For every event, fact, law, or resolution we have several comments at times, sometimes diametrically opposite. As a result, the number of listeners decreases. And events evolve so that the past catches up with the present.  On the day of the fifth anniversary of the Remembrance of Heavenly Hundreds at the Institute during the Revolution of Dignity – Acting DBI Irina Venediktova – made a statement about the need to abolish amnesty for the participants of the Revolution of Dignity.Equal conditions for the participants of the Maidan and the murderers – this, according to the head of the DBI, will ensure the justice of the investigation of those killings and punish all those responsible for the shootings on the Maidan.    ATO members have already called this initiative a brick of the Russian revenge in Ukraine. What’s next? The topic is discussed in the Find Yourself program. The conversation with the guests is conducted by M. Lugova.


On the political situation, the fate of the law “On Purification of Power”, the results of parliamentary work – in the program “Find Yourself”.


9-10 March Birthday and death of Taras Shevchenko, Ukrainian poet, writer, artist, public figure. He wrote, dreamed, fought, suffered and dreamed of Ukraine, a free state of the Ukrainian people. The intertwining of personal, human and civic impulses expressed by T. Shevchenko is easy to read, but difficult to grasp because there is a sense of timelessness. It was, is and will be. Master of words, Shevchenko Prize winner, People’s Artist of Ukraine Bohdan Kozak chooses Shevchenko’s works for creative evenings. Today the artist is a guest of the radio studio Independence in the program Find Yourself. The conversation is led by Maria Lugova.


About the political situation and the current challenges of quarantining in the Find Yourself program.



About the situation of coronavirus disease in Ukraine and Lviv region, in particular, and the course of the political situation in this aspect in the program “Find yourself”.


The “Find Yourself” program is about major financial and economic measures that will save the Ukrainian economy and wreak havoc on the social crisis amid recent events and the work of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Our interlocutor is expert A. Novak.



The main economic opportunities are in the “Find Yourself” program.


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