Programm “Art Treasury”


Talent and work! Work and talent! … These are different and inseparable things. And all this reduces to creativity. Here we once again talk about it in the “Art Treasury” program. Guests of the leading Marichka Drabyach are the young Maldive group.


The program “Art Treasury” was visited by a singer, composer and author Irina Dolya. With the lead, Marichka Drabych talk about working on the album, cooperation with performers and about certain plans for the future. All this, as usual for this broadcast, is flavored with songs by guests.


On the Day of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred, a participant of the ATO, a soldier with a lot of experience and baggage behind his back, was invited to the program “Art Treasury”, and now he is also the author and singer, the participant of the “Song of War” project Olexander Rozhko. Together with the leader, they recall the events of the past, about experience, fear, and even pleasant moments of the guest’s life. The conversation is worth paying attention!


The Lviv Opera is preparing for the premiere. What will this be, how the rehearsals are going on and what to expect … This is stated in the program “Art Treasury” with the conductor, Honored Artist of Ukraine Miron Yusypovych.
And at the end of the program Nadia Solovevna presents her song.


In this issue of the “Art Treasury” program, her leading Marichka Drabych communicates with the versatile, talented and charming Lviv sophie Fédina. About volunteering and presentation of the 5th anniversary album “And I am alive”.span>

In this issue of the “Art Treasury” program, we talk about the musical and theatrical performance of “Mosaic”. With whom is it better to discuss all the surprises, plans and details !? Of course, with the organizers. So, the guests of the program – singer, director of the action Ulyana Gorbachevska and actor, director of the Lviv Academic Theater. Les Kurbas Mykola Bereza.

The program “Art Treasury” talked about the grand project Ukrainian Song! And also about the festival summer of Lviv region.

About personal, creative … and not only Natalka Karpa told in the program “Art Treasury”.

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